How to Care for Your Car Brakes

BrakesCar brakes are important and when not working properly, the result can be serious accidents. For peace of mind and safety not just for you but other road users, you should ensure the brakes are well maintained. It is obvious when brakes are not working properly. You will notice the braking distance increase or more effort is required to bring the car to a stop. If you cannot control the car, you better not use it but hire a vehicle for the day from a company such as the Platinum Access Limousines. Your safety is more important than the few extra dollars you will have to spend commuting. How do you take care of the brakes?


Understand the Components

It’s important you know what the brakes are made of. The brake pads, fluid and rotor, brake lines, hoses, dashboard lights and brake lights are some of the components. All these should be working efficiently. The dashboard lights alert you when there is a problem while the brake lights inform other road users that you are slowing down. Understand teach component and best maintenance practices. The brakes should be thoroughly checked once every year. However, it is best to schedule the practice when the tires are rotated.


The Brake Pads

The lifespan of the brake pads will depend on their quality, type of car, usage and how well you maintain them. They are responsible for stopping the wheels from moving. Because of this friction, they are susceptible to wear which reduces their effectiveness. Because you cannot see the pads unless the wheels are removed, it’s important to have a mechanic have a look at them. Nevertheless, there are warning signs such as screeching sounds, the car moving to one side or grinding when braking that you should watch out for.


The Brake Fluid

Brake FluidThis hydraulic fluid is important in absorbing heat from the braking system and water, which can destroy the parts. It also makes it easier to apply the brake pressure. The fluid should be clear in color but when it turns dark or brown, it is time to replace it. It is also important to check its level and if there are leaks. To check the levels and quality, use a dipstick. Always use the specified brand of brake fluid.


Buy Quality Brakes

You will find all sorts of brake pads and accessories. Although some may be cheaper, quality should be a priority. Remember that it is your safety on the line. If you are not sure what to go for, ask a trusted mechanic.  Also, make sure to replace the parts when it’s necessary. Keeping them for too long can have devastating effects. In addition to this, braking tactics will help prolong the parts’ life. For instance, you do not have to apply the brakes when slowing down would have the same effect. Even when you notice the car in front applying the brakes, do not unless it is an emergency or you want to avoid hitting the car, an object or a person.


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