What You Need to Know about Car Wheel Alignment

wheelsWheel alignment can be defined as the process of adjusting the suspension of a vehicle that connects it to the wheels. Here, the focus is not on the tires, but the angles at which they touch the road. There are several ways to know when your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, and thus avoid unnecessary spending from towing services.  such as irregular tread wear, lack of balance due to the car pulling to either side and when the steering wheel is not at the center, or it is vibrating.


But why is it so important to align your wheels?

Imagine you are driving and the wheels of your vehicle are pointing one direction instead of facing in front. Besides affecting how you steer your car, it can be considered dangerous as far as your safety on the road is concerned. Moreover, the durability of the tires is significantly compromised since uneven wearing is common.


What causes the loss of wheel alignment?

There are several reasons that can make your vehicle lose its wheel alignment. Most of them are common, but some may not be explicit. So, what are these causes?

·         If your car hits the curb

·         If you bump into parking stalls that are made of concrete

·         Driving into potholes

·         The regular wear and tear resulting from advancing age of vehicle parts, such as those made of rubber components. When they start cracking, they tend to lose their elasticity leading to subsequent looseness in ball and socket joints. The process is gradual, and it worsens over time.

The angles of alignment are mostly measured in tenths of degrees. However, inches can also be used. If the situation is not controlled at the earliest point of realization, it can lead to more severe problems, most notably the premature and uneven wear of the tires. Therefore, always seek the services of a professional aligner immediately you notice a malfunction.


When should my next wheel alignment be done?

wheel alignmentYour owner’s manual probably does not talk about wheel alignment? Don’t worry. Typically, this process should be carried out nearly every time you change your oil. In most cases, this should be about after 6,000 miles. However, you do not need to wait until then, especially if you think you drove through many potholes or the roads you traveled had some grave stretches. In this case, don’t hesitate; see an expert as soon as possible. Indeed, the longer you delay, the more your car is getting damaged.



What could be some of the reasons that make it hard to realize looseness?

Ideally, wheel alignment is a complex matter that, however talented you are, it is hard to just look with your eyes and notice without relying on the signs. The best way to be sure is to see a professional dealer who will use technological means to ascertain your suspicion. Until then, you cannot be sure; it could be another problem in your car such as normal tire wear. However, even if there are explicit signs, check wheel alignment whenever you are changing your engine oil. This way, you won’t be taking unnecessary risks.

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